NHS cervical sample takers free e learning - update training

31 October 2017

A new Public Health England nationally developed e-learning course for all sample takers in England, designed to meet the three year NHS cervical sample taking update training has now been published.  This is a free resource sample takers will need to register, via the web-site, for an e-LfH account at the link below:-

The training can be broken down into time manageable sections which range from 10 – 20 minutes, enabling sample takers to complete and save each section as time allows.  The module can then be completed at another convenient time, the module should take approximately 3 hours to complete.   Once the assessment has been successfully completed you will be able to print off your certificate. 

NHS cervical sample takers training face to face update training

Face to face update training may still be accessed at cost to the practice.  Please be aware, however, that where this is delivered by an independent training provider, their training provision must be endorsed and regulated by an appropriate professional body such as, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) or Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). 

NHS Cervical Sample Takers new Initial Training 

The cytology training centres within England, including the London Regional Cytology Training Centre (LRCTC),  have now been accredited by the Royal College of Nursing to provide initial NHS Cervical Sample Takers course training for new sample-takers (this was previously known as either foundation, novice or core training ).  Universities who provide NHSCSP training have their training accredited under the University’s course accreditation arrangements, qualified clinicians who are required to undertake initial NHSCSP training may choose to access a university based NHSCSP training programme.   

Uploading of certificates

Sample takers are reminded to ensure their training certificates are downloaded (i.e. for e-learning update training) and uploaded to your sample taker database account.  Please input the date when this training was undertaken, this will allow for reminders/alerts to be made to the sample taker as update training becomes due in the future. 

NHS England Loncstd website:-

If sample takers experience difficulties with this, then please email the generic email address at:-

Coverage Data

NHS England are frequently asked where to access cervical screening coverage data to improve coverage, below are a few sources to support practices with this activity.

Practice level published cervical screening data sources:-

Quarterly data (

National general practice profiles (PHE Fingertips)

Annual data only – current latest data is for 2015/16

Unpublished data source:-

Latest monthly practice data (Open Exeter)

  • Access to Open Exeter is controlled so that only information relating to patients registered with that practice can be accessed.
  • Each practice is required to have a designated Primary Contact. This person is responsible for approving individual practice members to have access to each area of the system.
  • Access is granted on an individual basis. Individuals will need to complete a registration process to get access.

Further information - Practice Guide to Open Exeter