Who we are

Gill Parsons (Chair)

Anita Patel (Deputy Chair)

Mandy Claret (Project Manager, Widening Schools Participation lead)

Jacqui Hodgson (Nurse lead for CPD)

Caroline Peters (Non-clinical training lead)

Femeeda Padhani (Pharmacy lead)

Priti Patel (Undergraduate training lead)

Amita Shah (Barnet CCG Nurse Development Lead, Health Care Support Worker Academy lead)

Yvette Saldanha & Zoe Pinto (MCLG leads)

Georgina Marsden (Administrator)

Danielle Mckenna (Administrator)

David Miller (Finance Administrator)

Sharon Ralph (Communications Lead)


What we do

The CEPN (Community Education Provider Network) is an organisation which has been funded by the NCEL LETB (Local Education and Training board) and supported by the CCG.

Its role is to educate and support and develop the present and future health and social care workforce which includes GP, Nurses, Health Care Support Workers, Pharmacists, Dentists, and Opticians etc.


Other Board Members

Natasha Pradhan (Head of Education and Development - Nursing & Midwifery),

Cathy Walker (Director of Divisional Operations – CLCH),

Joanna Medhurst (CLCH Medical Director),

Lisa Goldstone (Patient Representative),

Barry Subel (CCG Education lead, Deputy Clinical Chair Barnet CCG),

Gerald Alexander (LPC Chair),

Malcolm Hall (Head of Financial and Service Line Management – CLCH),

Colin Daff- (Lead Pharmacist for Clinical Commissioning Group),

Holly Ashforth (Director of Patient Experience - CLCH),

Joyce Hendry - (Workforce lead adult services, London Borough Barnet),

Caroline Peters (Non clinical training representative),


Our Stakeholders

  1. Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust (CLCH),
  2. Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body
  3. Social Services, London Borough of Barnet
  4. Local Medical Committees (LMC),
  5. Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC) Middlesex Group
  6. Hertfordshire University,
  7. UCLH Medical School,
  8. Pan Barnet Federation
  9. Barnet Trainers’ Workshops,
  10. Barnet GP Networks,
  11. Barnet Practice Manager Forum,
  12. Barndoc (local out of hours provider),
  13. Royal Free London Hospital Trust (Director Medical Education),
  14. Barnet Nurses Learning Forum.
  15. Patient representation
  16. North London Hospice
  17. Primary Care Academy BEHMHT