Medical Students

In order to meet future General Practice workforce needs, 50% of students are needed to train as GPs. Evidence suggests that a positive undergraduate experience of General Practice increases the likelihood of students becoming GPs in later life.

Barnet CEPN is therefore working with UCL Medical School to expose medical students to life in General Practice and help them make an informed decision about their future career. We have established 18 medical student placements since September 2014, and aim to create 24-30 more for medical students in their first clinical year.

GP trainees will teach small groups of medical students for 8 days during their fourth year. They will provide feedback on the students' clinical skills and perform various assessments. A large range of topics will be covered e.g. cardiology, respiratory, endocrine, rheumatology and neurology and mental health.

GP trainees are also provided with the opportunity to demonstrate the RCGP competency: “Maintaining performance, learning and teaching.” Our model is mutually beneficial to all parties, and encourages collaboration between primary care educators and UCL Medical School.

Currently, only ST3 GP trainees are being recruited to teach the medical students, however, we aim to broaden this model to allow for interested qualified doctors to teach and will provide the support of a nearby training practice.

If you would like to get involved with this project, or would like to train medical students but currently work in a non-training practice, please email Mandy Claret at