About us

The CEPN (Community Education Provider Network) is an organisation which has been funded by the NCEL LETB (Local Education and Training board) and supported by the CCG.

Its role is to educate and support and develop the present and future workforce which includes GP, Nurses, Health Care Support Workers, Pharmacists, Dentists, and Opticians etc.

Barnet’s Community Education Provider Network Vision

We will work collaboratively across all boundaries with the shared vision of improving the value of education and training to those providing clinical and social care to the population of Barnet.  We will respond to the needs of the workforce, current and future, to enable them to deliver exceptional patient care.  Our activities will have a clear focus on patient outcomes and the patient experience.  We will work efficiently and sustainably.  We will quality assure the work we do. 

Every member of the workforce will be respected and empowered to fulfil their potential as we believe that a valued workforce delivers excellent care.